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Swing and sway, enjoy your day…

There are several Slim themes with different image and colours but all with the same structure. Please view Screenshots and follow the links to download the theme you want.

The focus of Slim themes for Textpattern is on reading and writing. The fonts, font sizes and line lengths are chosen for easy reading. Fonts with international glyphs are now included. Textile markup is useful for fast formatting of your writing. Some examples follow.

  • A list looks like this
  • Second line
  • Coded line
  • Emphasised line
  1. Numbered list
  2. Strong or bold

— .centred —

H2 heading for table

First Header Second Header
Content Cell Content Cell
Content Cell Content Cell
Content Cell Content Cell
Content Cell Content Cell

H3 followed by horizontal rule hr

Blockquote. Colours harmonise with the theme banner. They are easily changed at the end of the stylesheet, as are colours for categories. Categories, an article image and a title subheading (using custom1) are recommended for all articles. Also recommended are plugins wet_haystack and com_connect for improved site search and to make the contact form work. In the header a slogan (or text of your choice) can be enabled. All pages can have an aside enabled in which you might put links, notes or whatever.

The theme was originally designed to prevent duplicate content being produced unknowingly, as can be the case with content management systems. Although canonical URLs tell search engines what to index and what not to index, thus theoretically stopping duplicate content, this theme uses extra precautions to be on the safe side.

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